About Blue Cross

We're a charity that has been helping sick, injured, abandoned and homeless pets since 1897. Pets help us in so many ways and they depend entirely on us. That’s why at Blue Cross we believe in helping pets because pets help us.

We help thousands of pets in need every month, providing veterinary care, expert behaviour help and find them loving happy homes, as well as advice and education for current or future pet owners and pet bereavement support. We develop lifelong relationships with pets and owners, providing quality care that is accessible and non-judgemental. With your support we can give back to more pets in need.

Our vision is that every pet will enjoy a healthy life in a happy home and we won’t rest until we achieve it. But we really need your help.

We care for around 40,000 pets every year but we know it’s not enough – there are many, many more out there who still desperately need us and we must be there for them.

Pets change lives. We change theirs.


Playing the Blue Cross Weekly Lottery helps pets like…

Badger and Bowser

Their mother arrived at our Grimsby animal hospital after running into difficulty during labour - the result of an unplanned pregnancy. Sadly, she was left too poorly and weak by the ordeal to care for her puppies.

Badger and Bowser

So we took in Badger and Bowser along with six of their siblings and split them between three of our centres where we could give them the expert care they needed. At first caring for them required two-hourly feeds all through the day and night, which were then upped to five hours when the puppies reached three weeks old.

All the hard work paid off and Badger, Bowser, Stanley, Billy, Gus, Whittaker, Blaze and Winter have now grown into strong pups.

We don’t get any government funding, so without our amazing supporters, the story for these pups and their mother could have sadly been very different.


Unfortunately it is not uncommon for our rehoming centres to receive calls about cats who have strayed or been abandoned.


The team at Tiverton rehoming centre did have a surprise though, when a member of the public brought in a large ginger female, a colour much more commonly seen in male cats. This particular cat had been abandoned when her previous owners moved out, leaving her behind. Fortunately for her, a kind neighbour spotted her predicament and contacted Blue Cross.

‘Strawberry’ as she was named by a team member, turned out to be full of surprises, and just a few days after she arrived at the centre she gave birth to five beautiful ginger kittens, including Rowan (pictured). It was fortunate for Strawberry that she was found just in time to be able to give birth in the safety of our Tiverton centre.


Tiny and terrified, Gary was just a helpless young foal when he was found crammed into the back of a car. Thankfully, police pulled over the vehicle – also filled with a group of youths – and made sure the Shetland pony was rescued before he could endure any more mistreatment.


He soon found himself safely in the care of Blue Cross, but the trauma of the incident, combined with the likely neglect he had also experienced in his short little life, had sadly taken its toll.

Not only was Gary thin and in terrible condition, he was merely a shell of what a happy, inquisitive foal should be and, quite understandably, was petrified of people.

The Burford horse team worked on getting him used to the many things any well-kept pony would have experienced – from wearing a head collar and grooming, to visits from the vet and farrier.

Once Gary – named after the police officer that saved him – was ready, we started the search to find him a home where he would get the love he deserved.

Luckily, Gary was soon on his way to start his new life in the Suffolk countryside.